Rideability Heartbeat

What a wonderful Wine&Scotch tasting evening at the Plummer
House (the evening of Thursday January 24th).    I can’t thank Dawn
enough for putting it all together, and Leslie and Janet helped a
lot — and Jen Mast was the advertised artist.   Jen’s painted
saddles really made a special night to remember, and they not only
were beautiful works of art, but they filled-the-gap to remind us
constantly that we were all there to support a “horse therapy
program”.   It worked out very nicely and our final fundraiser count
for the night will be close to $1000 – thank you thank you to Dawn!

The next big event is the BELLY DANCING SHOW!!!!   How fun!    It
will be Saturday February 16th from 1:00PM – 4:00PM.   There will be
food, fun, live music, silent auction, the actual belly dance show
will start at 2:00PM, Betsy Singer will be our emcee and we’ll have
a raffle – what a day!!    Karen Yust (“Cole’s mom”) is heading up
this fundraiser and what a great job she is doing!   The fundraiser
will bring in financial support in the following 4 ways:
1) Donation&support prior to the event – Karen has already
received incredible financial support !
2) Ticket sales to the event.  Purchase your tickets by emailing me,
or by stopping Rochester Feed and Country Store (tickets are
$10/person or $25/family).   There is a $2 “door charge” so be sure
to get your tickets ahead of time!    Just email me at promisedmeadows@gmail.com
and I can get you on the guest list and get you set up with
tickets.  THANKS!
3) Silent Auction, Karen has put together some beautiful and unique
items, it will be a wonderful silent auction.
4) Raffle Tickets – Karen has put together a very nice raffle.   The
items raffled are an overnight stay at Kalahari water
park&resort in Wis. Dells, or a handmade Amish quilt.    The
tickets are $20 each, each ticket has two chances to win (2 prizes)
and it is for a great cause!!!    If you can purchase a ticket or
you want to sell some tickets to friends, please contact me!    If
we sell 100 raffle tickets we will make $2000!!!   In addition, we
are planning a 50/50 raffle for the day of the event.
*Look for the event flyer I will forwarding it via email. — and

In the meantime, I have been healing very nicely from my surgery (I
can walk!).  My recovery is right on schedule so I expect to be
fully operational by spring classes.

In the winter there is a lot of very important RideAbility
paperwork to complete, so I am working very hard!!!
– The PATH Intl. center membership has been completed online
this year, we should be receiving our annual membership certificate
in a few weeks.
– I remembered to pay the annual fee for our Post Office box
(Whew!   if I forget that what will our address be?)
– I am preparing the 1099 information to be given to our accountant
by Friday Jan. 25, I have a few detail changes in the way I am
organizing things so it is taking quite a lot of time.
– Our annual liability insurance application must be submitted by
Feb. 1st so I am diligently working on that!
– I am just starting to put together the annual township conditional
use permit letter, which needs to be sent in before March 1st.
– I need help to create the 2012 Memory book – I have a big bag of pictures and
papers, does anyone have time to make a scrapbook type of memory

– Janet has completed the 2012 financial report, I am reviewing the
details and preparing it for a board review.  This must be competed
by April 1st.
– We will be meeting with United Way representatives soon, and then
giving a presentation on Feb. 19th or 20th – does anyone want to accompany me to
the presentation?

– Our preliminary 2013 RideAbility calendar is defined and Katie is
putting it up on our website.
– John Martin is working on our new website (the best part of our
new website is how parts of it will be very, very easy for our staff
to update)
– We are busy recruiting new volunteers to start this spring.  The
Red Wing newspaper gives us free vol. ads since we are part of
Goodhue Co. United Way!
… the list goes on and on, its making me tired just looking at
it!   I better go take a rest in the recliner …. see you all soon.