Class Fee Structure

Full Fee for one session of Registered Group Lessons:

*This includes 5 weeks of riding once-a-week in a group lesson.

 $150.00 per student + $20 annual membership = $170.00 for a five week session

Full Fee for one Private Lesson:

*This includes one lesson, approximately one hour at the barn.

  $30.00 per student + $20.00 annual membership = $50.00 for the first lesson


– These rates are very low for horseback riding lessons.

… our program is not about making money; RideAbility is a non-profit charity.  Yet, RideAbility cannot continue to function without funding and historically class fees have paid about 20% of the annual budget.


– There are partial scholarships available for all students:

… a partial scholarship can be used by paying ½ of the listed fee and including a written request with your payment. You can also request to waive the membership.  No application is required. 


– There are some full scholarships that can also be pursued.

… a full scholarship can be requested by contacting the program director.   Most scholarships are covered through the annual RideAbility scholarship fund or an anonymous donor.  There is no written application.


– All lessons are supervised by PATH Intl. certified instructors.

… these horseback riding lessons are a very good value!